About Us


In 2011, father-son Mr. Lim Chong Eng & Mr. Lim Kok Chain founded LKC Global Enterprise at Jelutong, Penang, Malaysia, which only offers stationery suppliers to the local schools in Penang. As the business grows, the company decided to diversify their customer by focusing on school and offering stationery suppliers to stationery retailers and wholesaler shops in Peninsular Malaysia.
Beginning in 2017, the company can offer even more stationery products, including becoming a wholesaler for famous brands such as Pilot, Stabilo, Chunbe, M&G, Staedtler, Swan, and many more. 
With the rapid growth and business expansion, the company converted to Sendirian Berhad (Private Limited) LKC Wholesales Sdn Bhd in 2019. The company has transformed its business model by establishing a fully computerized inventory & accounting payroll system to provide more efficient services to all valued customers. Also, the company has its own professional sales team led by one of the co-founders-Mr. Lim Kok Chain provides professional and high-quality customer service in Penang and the whole of Peninsular Malaysia. 
Following the business growth and company expansion, company customers increased in Malaysia. They now also registered their brands, LKC and Mr. & Mrs. The company has their published products such as foolscap paper, exercise book, bill book, tapes, cotton twine, memo pad, super glue, notebook, and many more. 
In 2022, the company had built an E-commerce platform by establishing its own LKC Website to help the business compete effectively in the online marketplace and provide a user-friendly experience for customers. Today, the company has around 4000 products include (stationery, households product, and sports equipment) to offer to customers.
Feel free to visit the LKC Wholesales shop to purchase your needed stationery, households product, and sports equipment. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to drop a message on the contact us page. LKC's customer care team will assist you soonest!